Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I attended a tea party hosted by a very dear friend. It was a way for her to honor her Mother who recently passed away. I am very selective in my commitment to places where I have to deal with humans, but I didn’t even ponder that notion when I received her invitation.

It was a very small group of women, and I was extremely touched to be included. This relationship is somewhat new. We have bonded over our many similarities, interests, and her overall spirit is contagious. She is one of those individuals that people seem to gravitate to. Although I didn’t know her Mother, I am exposed to her legacy by simply being in the company of her daughter. As the afternoon concluded, my friend presented us with personal notes of appreciation for our presence in her life. Her note to me started with “moments matter”, and continued with a gratitude for my help as she walks through her grief. It made me think of all the moments in my life that maybe I didn’t appreciate. It also reminded me of the legacy that I carry from those who are no longer with us.

Interestingly enough, the person that popped into my head while reading her sweet note, was my great-grandfather, Vance Armentrout. I never got to meet him, but I know the impact of his contributions that he left behind when he died. He was an editor for our local newspaper, back in the day when print was king. In 1934, he was put in jail and fined $25 for not revealing his source for an article. (For the record, he was a badass, and just for everyone’s information, he refused to pay the $25.) When I started writing for the same newspaper, seventy-three years later, I felt an instant connection. Like in some way, I was continuing his legacy. Of course, his writing was more pertinent than mine, but that was just a minor detail.

I love the concept of carrying on family legacies and I appreciate my friend’s reminder of that, with her lovely tea party. Moments matter, and I will continue to work on being present. Being mindful. But, most of all, grateful for those who came before me as they have helped shape my own legacy.