Square Peg ● Round Hole







My Bassets have learned a new trick. Instead of letting me sleep, they are now waking me up at 5 a.m, because, well, they are assholes. Yes, I know. I could ignore them, but you don’t understand. The diva, Daisy, will simply use our bedroom as her personal toilet if I don’t rise and shine upon command. Yes, I realize who is in charge and it certainly isn’t me.

When it first started, I thought I would simply go back to bed. But, I know from past experience that I will feel awful the rest of the day, so I decided to make the most of it. After I take the queens out to potty and feed them, I put them back to bed with Brian. They are exhausted from all the energy they expended after jarring me from my cozy bed. I absorb the quiet while drinking my coffee and create my next book. I won’t tell them I appreciate their nudge or allow them to bask in the knowledge that getting up at the crack ass of dawn has actually motivated me.

I am two weeks away from the completion of my first manuscript being edited. Yesterday, I received an email from the woman that I hired letting me know that she was on track for our agreed upon deadline. While I appreciated the email, I wanted to ask what she thought so far. But then I decided that I didn’t need to be THAT girl. You know, clingy and needy. The type who is desperate for constant affirmation. Nope, I refuse to do that, but I will say that I am eager to find out her thoughts. The whole process makes me nervous and anxious.

I am playing the waiting game. Sure, there will be work to do once she finishes the task of adding her magic touch to my baby. Yes, I will probably need to tweak a lot of things before I send it to the literary agents. What I know is that I need to continue the process of creating. That there are more stories manifesting within me. And while my creative juices are flowing, I refuse to let the Bassets know that I am actually grateful for the wake-up call. I don’t want them to get any new ideas on “helping” me. They are convinced that they are the queens of the house. And honestly, there is only room for one. I just need to adjust my crown.