Square Peg ● Round Hole







I should have placed a warning label on myself that said, “approach with caution” as I ventured out of my house yesterday. It started with one Basset puking on the carpet and then her sister using the living room as her own personal toilet. I used the word that rhymes with truck a lot.

Honestly, I probably should not have left the house. I felt an overwhelming feeling that I would not be able to play well with others. On top of the pet situation, I was trying to find a new psychiatrist for my Mother. Long story, but the cliff notes version is that she was fired. I wish someone would fire me. While I don’t condone the “Dear John” letter that my Mother received, I partially understand why this happened. After numerous phone calls to different offices, I finally secured an appointment with someone new. When I told my Mother, she said, “Well, I better like her or you are going to have to find someone else.”. Christ. On. A. Cracker.

While the rest of my family went out last night, I opted to remain safely in my home. The thought of communing with other people wasn’t remotely attractive. It was really for their own safety that I remain in solitude. I would tell you that today is going to be better, but I woke up and stepped in cat vomit, so there’s that. I am not sure that there are enough sentence enhancers to get me through, but I always love a challenge. Here is to another day of outward smiles and inward screams.