Square Peg ● Round Hole







Like any mother, I love to freeze the moment with my family by taking a picture. I don’t ask for much. It isn’t as though I am asking for a vital organ or perhaps their cell phone. I am simply requesting a photo. A few seconds of their life. Apparently, my youngest has an issue with that.

Bailey thrives on having his picture taken. He loves posing. He loves the attention. If he was proficient in selfies, I hazard a guess that he would inundate social media with his handsome face. But, my youngest, well, he is on the opposite end of the spectrum. When he was younger, he readily posed. That cute grin radiated from every photo I have, but getting him to pose for me now is a lost cause. Even my, “If I die tomorrow, you will regret not having this moment frozen in time” doesn’t shed his adamant “no”. Tough crowd.

When he came home this weekend after a five week hiatus from his beloved family, we ventured to dinner and to a football game at his Alma mater. I said, in passing, that I would like to get a picture of the three of us – myself and my two spawns. He grimaced and proceeded to ignore me. My window came when one of his former/favorite teachers happened to stop and chat with us. He is also the photographer for athletics, so I just, in passing, reminded Bryce I wanted a photo of us. Immediately, this teacher volunteered to take one with my phone and another with his camera. Bryce seriously underestimates my power. Of course, he uttered some complaints, but complied because he didn’t want to look like an asshole in front of one his mentors. Mission accomplished.

Last night, Bryce informed me that he will indeed be traveling with the football team as they take on the University of Louisville. We are headed to Nashville, as well, to cheer on WKU along with my favorite student athletic trainer. My goal is to get a photo of him on the field. The same field where the Tennessee Titans play. So here is our conversation last night via text.

Bryce: Everyone is traveling for the U of L game.

Me: YAY!! More photos of you. Be ready to pose.

Bryce: More people to hide behind

Me: Richard (that is his roommate) will help me out.

Bryce: No.

Me: It’s opposite day, so that is a yes from you.

Bryce: Liar

Me. Still opposite day so truthsayer not a liar

Bryce: No. Just stop while you are ahead.

Me: Practice your adorable smile, precious.

Bryce: Hilarious.

Me: Heart emoji. Camera emoji.

I will get my photo. My children should never challenge me because in the end, a mother always wins.