Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last week was a shit show with fireworks, so you can only imagine that I was itching for some fun. A release with no worries. On Saturday, we headed to Bowling Green for Parent’s Weekend at WKU. The irony is that we would not be spending time with our son. He had to be at the stadium for his student athletic trainer job at 1 pm and we had opted not to come a day early because of all of his responsibilities. We did, however, get a brief conversation at halftime. I will take what I can get.

Anyway, we tailgated with some friends and I really tried to immerse myself, but I had some heavy stuff weighing on my mind. This was the first time we had left the girls since things started to go progressively south with their health. We have a pet sitting service that comes in to take them out and love on them a couple of times during the day, but I was still obsessed with how this was all going to play out. There were a few blimps like Presley’s diaper was soaked while Daisy opted to urinate in her kennel. Sigh. So I chatted with our pet sitter and opted to put a diaper on Daisy and leave her out of the kennel. Fun fact, I got her an XXL and those were snug on her. We hoped for the best.

The next check-in, resulted in the reality that Daisy can take off her diaper. The good news was that there were no accidents, but I opted to have her put back in the kennel with another diaper, because, well, I love to jump on the wheel of insanity. You know, where you continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting it to be different.

We opted to leave at halftime. Mostly because Brian’s back was killing him and I was obsessed with our dog situation. Although I was waiting for him to have other issues since he chose to eat a chili dog that looked like vomit on a bun. Gross. Bailey commented that we will be paying for his choice all the way home. Awesome.

Upon our arrival, I noticed that Daisy had once again removed her diaper, but was using it as a pillow. I had no idea that she was that intelligent, but I now realize that I need bigger diapers for her large ass. Not sure they make XXXL. Maybe I will just attach a bucket to her butt.

Hoping that this week is drama free. No firing of caregivers or dog drama. I just need a little peace. A little calm. Is that really too much to ask for?