Square Peg ● Round Hole







The only way to describe this week would be to say it was cloudy with a 100 percent chance of a shit storm. However, the last two days have been quiet. (Knock on wood). The dogs are stable and my mother seems to be acclimating to her new caregiver – you know – the one with the clean car. Her doctor’s appointment went well and there was no sign of a UTI. She did try to sexually harass the doctor as he was checking her pulse, by saying it had been years since she has been touched by a man. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel.

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday, who was sharing her own life challenges, when she surprised me by saying that the way I have handled the current challenges in my life was inspiring. Um, she must have me confused with someone else. I thanked her along with providing, the behind the scenes footage of my crying jag that I had on Monday. Oh, and the meltdown where I proceeded to tell my mother to “shut the truck up”, (insert the F-word that rhymes with truck), when I picked her up, on the side of the road, after she fired her caregiver. Not my finest moments, but human nonetheless. Then she gave me a friendly reminder that it wasn’t about my reaction, but how I didn’t let the situation define me. I didn’t allow it to ruin my week. Did it dull the vibrancy? Yes, but it was temporary and I proceeded on with my life. I did the next right thing and I didn’t have to take anyone emotionally hostage in the process. Sometimes I need someone else’s viewpoint to shift my perception.

It was easy to find the humor in all of this, after the fact. Being an adult is hard, but I have an amazing tribe of women. They support me, laugh with me, and on occasion, laugh at me. Two weeks and counting, I will be running away from home for a girl’s weekend. It can’t come soon enough.