Square Peg ● Round Hole







I had two revelations yesterday. One, don’t agree to anything proposed by my husband and oldest son. Two, never wear my glasses in the house.

Yesterday, our local college football team was playing the #9 ranked team in the nation. I am life-long fan of this local team (University of Louisville). Both of my parents graduated from there, and it was simply ingrained in my blood. With that being said, I was skeptical of the outcome of this match up for several reasons. One, they have a new coach and two, I just didn’t know if this team was solid as I haven’t seen them in action yet. The game was slated for 8 p.m., which being nationally televised means that it would not be over until next week. Kidding, sort of. Anyway, the proposal was that if the game was close, Bailey could stay up and watch the entire event. Sigh. I agreed only because, in my wildest dreams, I didn’t see my team pulling off anything miraculous. That doesn’t mean I am not a loyal fan, it just means that I am realistic. By halftime, I was eating my words because they were only behind by a touchdown. Looks like my son would be staying up. Oh, and my spouse was actually at the game, but before he left, he made sure that the television was set to ESPN. Unfortunately, somehow, it was set to Spanish. Bailey didn’t seem to mind and for the record, even in Spanish the announcers are beyond annoying. Thank God for the mute button. While my team didn’t pull off the win, it was impressive enough to warrant some excitement for the season.

My second revelation for the day was a reminder to never wear my glasses in my house. I am near-sighted. When I share that with you, please know that if I don’t have my glasses on, everything far away might as well not exist. Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave the house and put on my other set of eyes. While it gives me a clear view, it also shows me that the maid (me) is really lacking in her cleaning abilities. My baseboards look awful and please don’t get me started on the thick layer of dust on my ceiling fan. Because I am a person of action, I quickly took the glasses off while pretending that my home glistens in cleanliness. I did comment to Brian that the maid should be fired. He just laughed. I was serious. That bitch needs to get off her ass and clean.

While my holiday weekend was full of random revelations, I will focus on figuring out what day it is. I know it is Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday simply because yesterday felt like Sunday. Wish me luck.