Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, remember Tuesday where I was inundated with dog and cat vomit? Okay, so I was hoping the day would improve. I mean, for the love of Jesus, I deserved a break. Bodily fluids is one of the reasons I dropped out of nursing school, and also, the small fact, that I failed Anatomy & Physiology. Plus, I don’t like people, especially sick ones. Anyway, I digress.

One of my prayers in the morning, along with pleads that my furry friends will stop spreading their bodily fluids all over my house, is the willingness to be open to new writing ideas. I don’t remember if I have shared this, but the first book I wrote, was the start of a series. As I am doing my interval training on the treadmill, I am flooded with ideas for the third installment. And when I say flooded, I mean, I literally can not keep up with the overflow swirling in my brain. I need to be more specific in my prayers. Like, maybe say, I would love more ideas, but only when I have somewhere to write them down.

As I am concentrating on not falling off the treadmill, I am mindful of my thoughts. Acting as if I have a “save”button in my brain to hold them all together. There are some really good ideas in the mix. Excitement is radiating off of me. Finally, I finish. I race upstairs and quickly write everything down in my new notebook. (Thank you Becky, for my adorable journal that you gave me on our girl’s trip. It is definitely handy.) I am writing so fast, I hope that I can read my own cursive when it comes time to put it in book form. The whole time, I am giddy and repeating to no one in particular “this is some good shit”.

I am currently a third of the way through the second book in the series, and these ideas will help cultivate some new characters. Sure, I have a lot of work to do, but boy, do I love it when the well isn’t dry. When I am overflowing with creative ideas. When my head doesn’t hurt from being creatively constipated. I’m tapped in, friends. I just hope my furry loved ones can keep their fluids intact as I don’t have time for their shit, literally.