Square Peg ● Round Hole







Part of my process when leaving my family for an adult timeout, is to make a list. For them. Not me. And honestly, the list that I deem “helpful”, is really for my spouse. Sometimes when I leave town, I feel like I am training a new employee. He sort of knows what is going on, but needs lots of reminders. Ladies, you know what I am talking about, which is why, I spent some time writing out my delightful list that is currently posted on the refrigerator.

First, I reminded him to feed the cats and I stipulated everyday simply because I have to be very specific in my instructions or I will receive a “you didn’t tell me that”. Next was to make sure that the water jug is filled for the pets. You see, if I am not on high alert, it will go empty. Both Bassets are drinking a shit ton of water due to their physical issues. This is vital. Maybe I should highlight that one before I leave today. Anyway, my next item was the reminder to take out the trash. Seems simple, but you would be surprised at how that particular task is ignored. There are times where I think they are playing a game of Jenga as they stack more shit in the very obviously, overflowing garbage can. One of the most important reminders was to run the dishwasher followed up by the friendly reminder to unload it. See, specific instructions, are vital in a marriage. They save lives.

My spouse is not incompetent. He just needs a little guidance and my “helpful” list will give him just that. Girl’s weekend starts today at promptly 10:45 A.M. Peace out.