Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have been saying all along, that 2019 has been my year of commitment. Being consistent in my goals and not allowing anything or anyone to deter me. Most of the focus has been on my book and “finishing” it was like giving birth to my favorite child minus the stretch marks and morning sickness. Don’t tell my actual kids.

This process has unfolded organically. The timing has been ideal and nothing seems forced. I have shared that I hired someone to edit my manuscript and how encouraging she has been. No one referred me. It just happened that I found her during a Google search. Google did not steer me wrong. I should probably send them a “thank you” gift.

On Sunday, she sent back the final edits and her suggestions. Wow. Just wow. I will be honest, when I say, that I am not an egotistical writer. When someone suggests a change, I am open. Not going to lie, I was a little overwhelmed. So, I let it marinate for twenty-four hours. I took a breath. Then, on Tuesday, I dove in and looked at things objectively. She has the experience of the industry. I not only trust but value her opinion. Friends, considering we have never met in person, that says something.

Sure, my characters are annoyed with me, but considering I am their boss, they have no choice but to comply with my changes. Instead of feeling frustrated, I am empowered. It sparked another level of creativity. I am still waiting on the literary agent and her thoughts. In the meantime, I will continue to develop, revise, and tweak this book. I just hope my characters aren’t going to be angry that I am revoking their holiday vacation. I am kind of like Scrooge but cuter. I will give them Christmas, but that’s all I can promise.