Square Peg ● Round Hole







A year ago this month, I opted to clean up my act and take control of my body. A body that had changed so much I hardly recognized it. Sure, I gave birth to two humans plus my weight has had more ups and down than a roller coaster, but those were mere excuses. I could accept the fate of middle age or I could cut that bitch. I cut her in a big, ass way.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have asked, “are you still on that diet?”. First, it isn’t a diet. Diet would insinuate that I am restricting myself. Dieting requires suffering and a lot of failure. So, no, I am not still dieting nor have I been dieting. This, my friends, is a sustainable lifestyle change. Also, the word “diet” has three letters that mean “the end”. I chose not to die while changing my body. Can you tell I despise the word “diet”?

Anyway, most of you know that I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, the week before Thanksgiving last year. It sounded crazy at the time, but that was before I knew how adaptable it would be for me. I still eat yummy foods. I can still have an adult beverage. For me, all it took was the willingness to do something different. As of today, I am down 25 pounds and over 30 inches. I wear a size 8 and I feel amazing.

The true tests, for me, have been when the shit hits the fan. When life is hard and I want to overindulge in food. While I grieve the loss of my sweet fur baby this week, it would have been easy to turn to comfort foods. For the record, I did indulge a tiny bit, but I recorded it as part of my macro intake and I didn’t compromise my success in the process.

This isn’t a no carb plan, because that shit is ridiculous. I am not cleansing daily or only eating certain colored foods. Don’t ask. There are some wacky programs out there. My body is now conditioned to burn fat. I think the reason I have been successful is two-fold. One, I have an amazing coach/friend who makes me accountable. Two, I seized the opportunity. I followed through with the commitment, because I could feel the results almost immediately. Notice I said feel instead of seeing because I wanted to approach this realistically. I celebrated my daily wins that included working out and non-scale victories like looser clothing.

No more excuses. No more saying, “this is the way it is because I am middle-age”. I simply committed to being the best version of myself. And that version, feels and looks amazing. It is the gift that keeps on giving and in the spirit of the season, I am grateful every single day for it.