Square Peg ● Round Hole







We went to Bowling Green this weekend to spend a little time with our youngest. I love having our little unit together. I feel whole, connected, and proud of what excellent humans they are, Brian included.

We opted to stay the night, so after we dropped Bryce off at his dorm, we headed back to the hotel. At home, I have a white noise machine that is my sleeping aid. If I ever had to give it up, I would have to go to some sort of rehab facility for detox. No kidding. Brian despises it, but it is a must. I don’t bring the machine on the road, but I do have an app. With my earbuds in, I left for slumber town and apparently, I had a lovely time.

The next morning, Brian greets me with a “good morning” and evidence that I snore. Whatever. At 3:11 A.M., he was alerted to loud noises coming from little, ole me. Anyway, he recorded me after exhausting all other options. He tried shaking and nudging me, but I was enjoying my stay in slumber city. So, he resorted to recording me. Nothing creepy about that, right? I mean, it is perfectly normal to stalk someone at night, and not only record the sound, but video it as well. He was a little giddy with his evidence, and as we listened together, both of us were laughing uncontrollably. Tears streamed down my face. It was hilarious.

In my defense, I sleep with passion. Those are noises of happiness and gratitude that I am asleep, along with some congestion since winter came overnight. I asked if I did this at home, and he replied, “I don’t know because you have that damn white noise machine on”. I then asked if he would prefer to listen to my passionate snoring or the machine, and he replied, “your snoring”. He’s adorable.

Am I a chronic snorer? I don’t know. What I do know is that Brian needs to learn to sleep as passionate as his precious wife. And I need to add, for the record, that since we were only staying overnight, he didn’t bring his C-PAP machine. So, I think some of the blame falls back on him. Personally, my snoring was like music. Soft, delicate and soothing. I guess, he is jealous of my ability to make beautiful music through my nose.