Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t want to state the obvious, but I think society has gone dark. Lack of courtesy has blossomed. Let me provide you with a story that illustrates my chief complaint.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room for my mammogram. This was a repeat occurrence since my first one on Monday detected some calcification in my very dense breast tissue. This isn’t my first rodeo with an abnormal boob-a-gram, so I am not freaking out. What I am, is annoyed at the lady who answered her phone and carried on a very animated conversation.

This room is quite small. Eight chairs are set up in a U-shape. I am trying to enjoy my book while Cindy Lu is yapping away. I don’t know her actual name, but when you so blatantly ignore the signs that say “please don’t talk on your cell phone while in this waiting room”, you deserve whatever title I choose. Now, Cindy Lu, is sharing with her cohort about waiting for her mammogram and what she is doing later. Blah. Blah. Blah. Then she shrieks. Loud. Apparently, Karen, (Don’t really know her name, but this is the first one I thought of, so my apologizes to all those named Karen.), had something AMAZING happen. Cindy Lu is giddy with excitement, and all I can think is how I wish my name were called. Having my breast play the role of a jar of Play-Doh actually sounded appealing at that point.

The volume of Cindy Lu’s voice was quite loud. Those of us waiting would occasionally make eye contact. It was like we were saying non-verbally, “WTAF”. Fortunately, Cindy Lu’s name was called and her conversation with Karen ended. Apparently, it is inconsiderate to continue a phone call while your breast is being flattened like a pancake. However, we were all super excited for whatever happened to Karen. Not.

When I was finally called back, where my boob will be shoved into a machine and molded into shapes that God did not intend, I was relieved. Maybe hearing someone else speak, will help my ears recover from the shrill of Cindy Lu’s voice.

Here is my PSA for today: Stop talking on cell phones while in areas that are confined. Nobody really wants to hear your one-sided conversation. If you want whatever you are chatting about made public, forgo the phone and simply post it on Facebook. Oh, and use turn signals. That’s another courtesy that is missing. I’m not psychic, so a little warning is helpful. Actually, there are so many examples of society’s lack of courtesy, that it would end up being an anthology. Let’s just sum it up by this short message….stop being an asshole. There, I am now considered a life coach. You’re welcome.