Square Peg ● Round Hole







The age of the internet is so interesting. Want to find a job? A recipe? A unicorn that speaks French? Just Google it. There are so many platforms that sometimes I feel like Google really knows me, and then there are moments when I am literally like, WTF?

When I was actively pursuing freelance writing gigs, I had posted my information on LinkedIn in an effort to attract more assignments. Every few days, I receive an email from them. It’s like they are excited about sharing their finds, but it usually ends up with me shaking my head to acknowledge their lack of really knowing me.

One job that sounded fascinating, (cue my sarcasm), was a Cyber Security Policy Writer. I suppose I couldn’t bullshit my way through that job or perhaps, I simply would write stuff about not using the same password on everything. Which, by the way, guilty as charged. Probably not going to be a great fit for me. Let’s move on to the Produce Order Writer for Whole Foods. Can’t imagine that I would be doing anything but putting numbers in front of how many apples are needed. Doesn’t sound like a particularly creative position and, there is the issue of having to move to Maryland. Color me disappointed.

I suppose I should really take down my LinkedIn profile. The days of being chained to random outlets, who dictate uninteresting assignments, and pay with cracker crumbs are behind me. But, there is the humor that is provided by their eagerness to employ me with ridiculous jobs that aren’t a fit for me. And maybe one day, I will aspire to be a Cyber Security Policy Writer, but for today, I will turn my attention to my book. At least my characters know me.