Square Peg ● Round Hole







After you read my blog yesterday, I am sure you spent the rest of the holiday wondering about the “big reveal”. Did Bryce and Brian like their fantastic present of the extreme driving experience? Did they run around the house giddy with excitement?

First of all, I felt a bit like Oprah. I wanted to scream, “You get an extreme driving experience and you get an extreme driving experience.” But, with only two people, it seemed excessive, so I opted out of screaming that. Both had just woken up, so their level of excitement was subdued. I finished my spiel and Brian says, “Is the car a manual? Because Bryce can’t drive a manual.” Thanks, Debbie Downer. Well, folks, I didn’t think about that because, well, I know NOTHING about cars. Fortunately, my very smart son responded, “All the Corvette C8 are automatic.” Crisis averted. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. (Pun intended.) Anyway, both seemed pleased . I was a little disappointed that they didn’t bow down and worship me, but, these things happen.

My spouse gave me a smooch and Bryce gave me a hug. Actually, I think Bailey was more excited about us having pit passes to watch them. In the end, I applauded myself on a job well done. What I know is that their excitement will be palpable as they take their spots in those amazing Corvettes. The worshiping my feet will occur after they finish. At least, that is the way it plays out in my very vivid mind.