Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is are two ways to go when life throws you a curve ball. You can duck and ignore it. Or, you can rise and embrace it.

On Tuesday, I received an email from the literary agent that was interested in reading the first fifty pages of my book. My fingers itched to click read and my heart rate accelerated. Her correspondence was long and very detailed. Expanding on the things that she loved along with the areas that she felt needed to be developed. There was a blip where I was disappointed. If I am going to be completely honest, there is that part of me that thought her email would be telling me that it is divine and no changes are needed. Publishers would be lining up and there would be a bidding war. I know, I’m adorable with my delusional thoughts. Something happened to me as I read through the email the second time. I felt inspired. Her email wasn’t a rejection. No, it was a helpful list of things that need to be improved on so it can be a solid story. Her last paragraph was full of praise where she said, “This is a strong project and your voice is excellent for the women’s fiction market”. So, I go back to work. Tweaking it. Perfecting it.

Sure, I could have taken that email as a sign I should put my work on a shelf and forget about it. But what I am learning is that when I take constructive criticism and partner it with some creative ingenuity, then I am making magic. I value her input. It wasn’t a rejection. It was a push to perfect a solid piece of material.

These are the moments to pay attention to. They are my traveling companions that help me reach my destination.