Square Peg ● Round Hole







You know that chick that wrote the book about decluttering? The one who says that if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. Well, did you know that you can apply that to people? If the relationships in your life don’t serve you anymore, kick them to the curb. Nicely. You don’t have to be bitchy about it. Unless you want to. You can declutter in any fashion that works for you.

If you have been reading this for a while, you will probably remember that I did a “relationship/spiritual cleanse” a few years ago. It allowed me to focus on the quality people in my life. Sometimes things just run its course and a change is necessary in order for me to grow and move forward.

The small group of my tribe members empower me. During this past year of commitment to my writing project, they encouraged me. They celebrated when I “finished” the first draft. When my dog died, they picked me up. Consoled me. They don’t lie to me. I trust them and in turn they trust me. It is a mutual give and take.

When I rid myself of those who no longer “spark joy”, I found that I was lighter. I found tremendous gratitude for the lessons that those relationships brought me. There was a reason that they resided in my life. It taught me the value of trust. It made me realize that I am worthy of people who are authentic and who don’t have an agenda.

While I am not a supporter of the whole “resolution” phenomenon, I am in favor of not settling. You are worthy of the best. You are a valued human that should surround yourself with people who see you for you. I don’t have time for bullshit. Be true to yourself. Don’t settle for assholes. Find your people. You have this incredible life, why would you ever settle?