Square Peg ● Round Hole







Okay, after seeing 50 year old JLo strut her stuff, it inspired me to up my game. I was giving a B- effort in the area of working out and was kind of at a standstill with my sustainable lifestyle initiative. I still feel good and have lost a lot of inches, but I have a pooch – thanks kids – that is stubborn and refuses to give up its front row position. The program that I am doing – FASTer Way to Fat Loss – is doing an ab shredder this month and I am so on board. But instead of a six-pack, I am going for a twelve-pack because my A-game is fierce. Day two and it hurts to breathe. No pain. No gain.

While my A-game is in full swing, I am on week four, in terms of my hostage situation AKA the boot. My appendage has really hindered kicking my workout’s ass. But, if I want to ever lose my “BFF”, I need to comply with the doctor’s instructions. The verdict will be revealed when I go see him next Tuesday. He probably has the margarita machine ready in anticipation of my visit. Bless his heart.

Funny story about my boot and one that I really hate to share. So, I have a pump that I use to inflate the air cast and then use again, to deflate it when I take it off. I get confused as to which end is which and sometimes, inflate when I want to deflate, until yesterday. Friends, I never observed that the words “inflate” and “deflate” are inscribed on the pump. For four weeks, I have been annoyed that I keep putting the wrong end in when they made it super easy for me. I am oblivious. The moment I figured it out, I shared it with my spouse who gave me the “duh” look. Sometimes I wonder how I function in daily activities.

Despite my limitations with exercise, my abs are going to be fierce. Do you know what is so relatable about JLo? She isn’t a size 2. She is muscular and curvy which is more on point to the typical female. The difference between us is that it wouldn’t take her a month to realize that there are words on her pump to inflate/deflate her air cast.