Square Peg ● Round Hole







On my departure day from the ship, I opted to take my own luggage and venture back into reality earlier than most everyone else. I was a little worried about not making my 12:05 flight because you just never know how long the disembarking process will take.

I was lucky enough to have my sister acting as the chauffeur and she was kind enough to transport myself along with two of my friends to the airport. Our process from exiting the ship and walking to the parking lot was all of fifteen minutes. With that behind me, I was confident of making my flight. I wasn’t looking forward to the fact that I would not be home until 5:50 p.m., as it stopped in Dallas along the way, but it was what it was. That is until my brilliant friend, who happens to be a flight attendant with the airline we were flying, alerted me to the information that there were 18 seats available on the non-stop flight that would leave from Orlando at 11 a.m. We were so far ahead of schedule, I realized that it was a real possibility that I could be home by 1 pm. OMG!!

We arrived at the airport where I ventured to the ticket counter with a pep in my step. Well, as much pep as my appendage will allow. Think about how Frankenstein would look if he were trying to skip, then you have the visual on how I appeared to the general population. Anyway, the ticket agent was a delight and put me on that direct flight with a minimal change fee. Plus, she immediately handed me a pre-boarding pass due to my very best friend that was currently decorated in shiny stickers. These are the moments where I feel like I should play the lottery.

I hobbled to security where I stood in the TSA-pre check line. Not going to lie, but their staff was less than friendly. I was pulled aside due to my boot. Maybe they thought it was a weapon of mass destruction. Maybe for me since earlier I lost my balance putting it on, but I felt like the general public was safe. The appendage only has it in for me. Anyway, she felt me up, rubbed some pad around my boot and tested it for powder residue. I passed the test and scurried away from my new friends. I thought my days of being accosted by TSA were over, but I guess not.

I called my spouse to let him know of the change. His reaction was not what I expected. Sure, we have been married for centuries, but how about a little excitement about seeing me. Nope, he was annoyed that I robbed him of a solid four hours where he could clean the house. Friends, the only thing I ashed him to do was put our sheets in the washer. Later, I received a text with an apology for his cranky reaction.

Since Brian had lunch plans, my friend was kind enough to give me a ride home. As I entered, I exhaled. Grateful I was able to have a little break that makes me appreciate my life even more. While I may have robbed my husband of several hours to prepare for my arrival, the house looked great. Later, he informed me that he vacuumed along with dusting our bedroom walls. Impressive but also a reminder that I am a poor housekeeper.

Everyone survived my absence. Sure my dog didn’t eat much while I was gone and Bailey ate more crap than normal, but it all worked out in the end. Home is my chosen destination every time.