Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let me start by saying, that I want to mark myself safe from the snowstorm of 2020. You know, the light dusting that occurred yesterday causing schools to be delayed. When did we become so soft?

So far, 2020 has not been a delight. First, it is only February and between my boob and my boot, I have already reached my health insurance deductible. That’s really never been a goal of mine, yet here we are. I got the explanation of benefits for what the insurance calls “breast surgery”. Seriously? There were no monitors. I certainly wasn’t given any drugs, which, for the record, would have be welcomed with open arms. The surgery itself, after insurance paid their portion, was $203. Not bad. I can work with that. Then I see the operating room cost of $10,000 which makes my eyes roll. What??? I think it should be based on how long you were in there. Like an hourly rental fee. The amount seems a little steep. There wasn’t even a mini-bar. Fortunately, I am only responsible for $2300 of it, but what the hell? It wasn’t even a very pretty room. Just a weird table, placed in the center, with a hole in it that I had to put my boob in. Can we say “awkward”.Let’s be honest, if I put a review on Yelp, it would get a one star rating. Ridiculous. And, my air cast was more than my “boob surgery”. Crazy!

There is so much that has been packed into 2020, that I am a little fearful of the rest of the year. The last six weeks has been a flurry of friends that have lost their parents, diagnosis of illnesses that require lots of prayers and vigilance, and, unfortunately, the list goes on. What can we do when life seems to gets so cumbersome? I, for one, have to work on being present. Savoring the moment at hand. Tonight is a perfect example of that when Brian and I get to help celebrate my second Mom’s 90th birthday. This special woman has been a part of every big moment in my life, and being included in such a special occasion eases the heaviness that seems to permeate the air.

I am trying not to judge the new year too harshly. It’s a novice to the job of being the center of attention. Maybe it is simply an adjustment period. But, I am asking it to simply ease up. Give everyone a little breather. I suppose at the end of this year, we all might need a T-shirt that says, “marked safe from the year 2020”.