Square Peg ● Round Hole







I hope you are sitting down. What I have to share is upsetting, and I pray that you all will support me through this difficult time. Okay, here I go. My appendage has died. You know, the boot that has been my constant companion for almost 8 weeks? Yeah, it bit the dust. I suppose I am to blame. I tortured it by walking on sandy, uneven terrain. Forced it to travel the lengths of airports and a large cruise ship. Refused offers of transportation because I am such a badass. Yes, it is my fault. But guess what? Amazon saved my life.

Fun fact…..my boot cost over $200 yet, the air cast portion apparently has a hole in it and the Velcro has been invaded by sand. They should really tell you up front, that it isn’t an all-terrain apparatus. Anyway, my lesson in this, is to have purchased it directly from Amazon in the first place, and I would have saved over $150. Brian, who has a lot of experience with identifying holes in air mattresses, asked if I had used Windex in an effort to find the leak. Nope. That sounds like actual work and really, I didn’t want to put in the time. This lady was too busy clicking on her new boot. Before you say anything, I will be bringing this up to the place where my dead boot was purchased, but only regarding the air cast issue since the sand problem was all me. In the meantime, I have this beautiful new appendage that cradles my sore ankle and also has a built-in pump. The hostage situation continues.