Square Peg ● Round Hole







I live in a city where Mother Nature is in a continual state of a mental breakdown. One minute it is summer then winter shoves its way in, like a petulant toddler, a few hours later. It’s maddening to figure out how to dress. Sometimes I look like an aged out stripper, as I relieve myself of all the layers in order to adapt to the weather.

Tonight and tomorrow, snow is in the forecast. Gasp! And the meteorologist have issued an alert day. No, friends, it isn’t like we are really getting any decent amount. Nope. Our area is getting an inch or two, but, hey, let’s freak everyone out with the word “alert”.

In 1978, I lived through the great blizzard that basically imprisoned us in our home. That, my friends, was a perfect companion to the word “alert”. An insignificant amount of snow, is not.

Do you know what I think? Well, even if don’t, I am sharing anyway. I think the media loves to freak out their audience. Everything is based on a reaction. Kroger is probably going to be busy today. God forbid you don’t have milk for the light dusting of snow in the forecast. Which, by the way, we probably won’t even get. And honestly, I think the alert is issued in preparation for the individuals who can’t operate a motor vehicle unless it is sunny. Any sort of precipitation inhibits their ability to cope.

I hope we all survive the minor snow event tonight through tomorrow. And I still wonder why milk and bread are high on the grocery list when preparing for a weather situation. Are you making a batch of French toast? I would think unhealthy snacks and alcohol would be priority. My thoughts have always been a tad different. Prayers for all who will be affected by the snow flurries.