Square Peg ● Round Hole







Someone asked me if I was getting excited about my cruise and my response was, “Once I get everyone situated, then I will be excited.”. True story, packing isn’t the only thing I needed to organize. I needed to confirm the pet sitter, alert Bailey’s bosses of my unavailability and provide them with Brian’s number, organize Daisy’s medicine basket, well, the list continues like a well-written anthology.

Brian suggested that I simply do a scheduled reminder text for each day that I am gone. Brilliant. I love when his brain delivers a solution. Yesterday, I spent some time creating reminder text messages that would be delivered to him each morning with all the information he needs to know for the day.

While doing this, I noticed that our television had a screen saver on it. It says, “95 days until the magic” referencing our Disney cruise in May. This will be our fourth one with the boys. The first one that we embarked on was when Bryce was four. Of course, we love them even more since we can all be at the adult pool. No offense. I love children. Obviously, since I had two, but mine our grown and I enjoy a little escape from high-pitched screams that usually accompany an over-sugared child who hasn’t had a nap.

Brian is a tad obsessed. He listens to podcasts specifically about the various cruises that Disney offers. And now, my delightful spouse is giddy about decorating our door once on board.

“What magnet do you want for our door?” He asked this with the facial expression of a child on Christmas morning. It’s cute. Sort of. I am literally trying to sort through getting ready for this trip, so thinking ahead is a little overwhelming.

“Or, can I surprise you?” His eyes danced with delight. That sort of scares me. Expect the unexpected with my spouse. I remember decorating my dorm door in college. Unfortunately, I had boys and Bryce wasn’t receptive to me adding some bling to his entryway. Whatever. Such a killjoy. I am sure he is going to roll his eyes at Brian’s excitement and possibly, pretend he doesn’t know him once on the ship.

On this Valentine’s Day, I am reminded that while my spouse isn’t overly romantic, he is invested in my door magnet. Actions are louder than words. He’s a keeper.