Square Peg ● Round Hole







Since Wednesday, my mother’s caregiver has been absent. A mysterious illness that has kept her from coming to work. The agency doesn’t divulge information regarding her diagnosis and I don’t ask. Frankly, it isn’t my business. So, in the meantime, I have been on caregiver duty which includes grocery shopping, changing light bulbs (that’s the hub’s job), and laundry among other things.

Yesterday, I called her to check-in along with informing her that Evelyn would be out again today and to confirm that we are going to dinner with her best friend and her daughter on Tuesday. This is the conversation we had:

Mom: What is wrong with Evelyn?

Me: I don’t know. It isn’t any of my business, but hopefully she will be back on Tuesday.

Mom: I have her phone number. Let’s call her.

Me: I am not going to call her. She will be back when she is better. (At least I hope so. One time a caregiver was sick and she never came back. YIKES!)

Mom: Maybe she has the Coronavirus.

Me: (I roll my eyes and sigh). Mom, she doesn’t have the coronavirus.

Mom: Well, I am not going out on Tuesday. Too many germs. I don’t want to get the coronavirus.


Me: There is always a chance of getting sick and you aren’t going to get the coronavirus. Are you sure?

Mom: Yes. Are you still going to go?

Me: Of course I am as long as they are going.

Mom: Oh, so you will go without me?

Me: Yes. I will risk getting the coronavirus for a good meal. (I laugh. She doesn’t.)

We disconnect the call after we chat a few more minutes. Thank God, the coronavirus wasn’t mentioned again and please, for the love of Jesus, I hope her caregiver recovers quickly.