Square Peg ● Round Hole







I find it fascinating how some people are not taking this pandemic seriously. I mean, some are going over the top with buying a shit ton of supplies while others continue to socialize like we are on summer vacation. Friends, I am about to vent, so get ready.

My spouse hosts a group of men each Saturday morning at our home. This is part of his recovery and I support him until now. He is high risk with his delightful genetic shit show of diabetes and heart disease. Sure, he goes to work but that is a commitment. Something that can’t be avoided. And his company takes a lot of precautions. This Saturday group can be on Zoom. There are other options to be considered. I felt dismissed as I have voiced this several times. Do you all think I will look good in orange?

Last night, I got an alert on my RING app that there was an attempted break-in at a home about five miles from us. Of course, I was alarmed as this was early evening. The person reported that she “left her front door unlocked as she was expecting guests and someone walked in”. Okay, in one week my response is now different. I wasn’t judging her for leaving her door unlocked, I was judging her for having guests over. This is our new normal, friends.

I can’t completely avoid human contact as I do have an elderly mother to consider. But, I do my part. My Clorox wipes come with me as I wipe down my credit card and everything that I would normally touch with my hands. I keep my distance from others. Doing my part for the greater good.

Life as we have been accustomed to has changed. I am listening to my medical friends because they know what is really happening. They are reliable sources and I am grateful for them everyday.

My reaction to my spouse’s gathering might be considered “overreacting” because isn’t that what men say about women when they are passionate about something? We tend to be too emotional. Well, too fucking bad. Label me an emotional female because right now I just want to keep my family safe. This group meeting, in my opinion, is like playing Russian roulette.

Thank you for allowing me to rant a bit. I love my spouse. I worry about his health in this very uncertain time. But, I am powerless friends. I do think he heard me when I said “next week they are not coming into our home”. For today, I will be armed with Lysol and Clorox wipes disinfecting the lower level after they leave.