Square Peg ● Round Hole







How are you all doing? I know this spending time cooped up in our homes can be daunting. Some of you are working from home while others are trying to figure out how this new reality is suppose to work. In a recent blog, I shared that each day I strive to write down three things I am grateful for, two things that I forgive myself for, and one thing I found funny. My sense of humor is a necessity now more than ever.

Yesterday, I found myself grateful for the amazing weather that I chose to utilize by sitting outside and reading. The gratitude continued with appreciating that I have a home to be quarantined in, and that Brian is still working even though I do have a little fear of him being exposed to this delightful, bitchy virus. I forgave myself for not being as productive as I was the previous day and for being snippy with my spouse.

What did I find funny? Well, the other day, Bryce joked that I was his RA. For entertainment purposes, I have continued the ruse. Each day he stops by to tell me his schedule. He is considerate that way since we are a loud bunch, and I am sure he doesn’t want his class to hear how much fun we are. You know, because they will be jealous of his amazing family. Anyway, I said, “Do you always tell your RA your schedule?” He rolled his eyes. Super adorable. While he was having a conversation with my spouse, Brian dropped the bomb on Bryce about how he was “dating his RA”. That made Bryce cringe and groan. Winning! Brian and I are even thinking about having floor meetings and fun dorm gatherings because after all, I am a very creative and entertaining RA. Possibly playing music really loud, so he needs to complain to me. I have all sorts of ideas because I want him to have the full college experience.

I am not sure why Bryce is surprised. I spent a good chunk of his high school career carting around Fathead Bryce. I even did a whole “Adventures of Fathead Bryce”. Who knows, maybe Fathead Bryce needs to make another appearance. All I am saying is that there must be some sort of humor sprinkled throughout the day. And while Bryce acts annoyed, I think he enjoys it. Okay, probably not, but you know, I didn’t spend nine months of my life bloated and extremely uncomfortable not to cash in on some sort of fun. It really is why I had children.