Square Peg ● Round Hole







During this bizarre time, I think it is important to adopt a routine. For me, it gives me an illusion of control, at least over my own shit. Anyway, mine involves, rising before 6 a.m. because that’s as late as I can sleep, get dressed, start my coffee, and usually write a blog post along with editing my manuscript. That beautiful 70, 000 word book will be sent to my editor for the FINAL (hopefully) time, in three weeks. I can still have goals even if 2020 has kind of ruined its reputation by completely sucking. After I write, I work out. It makes me feel human and gives me a reprieve from the world that has gone bat shit crazy. Without even prompting, both of my boys have adopted a routine too. Bryce’s is a little bit more thought out, while Bailey’s consists of sleeping, eating, and hanging out in his pajamas. Everybody’s routine looks a little different. And Brian, well, he is still going to work. Life is still moving forward even if the landscape has changed.

I am even more committed to my sustainable lifestyle but I will be honest. Lately, I have been craving Nestle cookie dough. Even tried to purchase some and assholes are hoarding that too. The only option was Macadamia Nut cookies and friends, I am not that desperate. So funny how you want something badly when it isn’t a viable option.

My mother has not been adaptable, which is no surprise. I took over food yesterday explaining that her regular yogurt was unavailable but I purchased the closet brand to it. She was not happy. She wasn’t thrilled when she said that she was running low on toilet paper, and I informed her that I would give her some of ours.

Mom: You don’t use Charmin. I can’t use anything rough.

Me: We don’t use sandpaper on our ass, Mom. Our toilet paper is Costco brand and it great.

Mom: Sigh. I guess if I have to. (I am certain that I will be operating the complaint department as soon as she starts using our toilet paper.)

My new norm isn’t terrible. It is just different. We will get through this and I wager, we will be better people and a better country because of it. Of course, my mother’s butt may suffer, but everyone has to take one for the team.