Square Peg ● Round Hole







I woke up late today and it threw me off. You are probably thinking, “Allison, you are basically chained to your home, why the hell do you need to get up so early?”. I have a routine, friends. It involves being woken up by a demanding Basset, who is desperate to go outside, and then have her breakfast. After I bitch and moan about how selfish she is, I make coffee, get dressed, and start my writing process. Waking up at 7:20 instead of 5:30, threw me off and caused some rather interesting consequences.

While sleeping beauty AKA Daisy the diva Basset relished in making me run around being of service to her, I am starting my day on a shaky foundation. Thinking I am super efficient, I put my coffee pod in the Keurig, and begin to work on my chore list. First, I start laundry, then I take the trash/recycling to the curb, and I even pluck some weeds while I was outside. I am kicking this day’s ass with my productiveness. My mouth is antsy for its first taste of coffee, but I am sadly disappointed. You see, nothing was in my cup. Maybe I didn’t press start. It is possible since I am off kilter with my late arrival to the day. So, I try again and while I am waiting, I start the dishwasher along with wiping down the counters.

Again, no coffee, but then I had an Oprah “ah-ha” moment where I realized that the best way to get my hot beverage would be to actually put water into the machine. It’s probably for the best that I am confined to my home these days. I am not operating with a full deck.

It’s just another day friends in the land of Quarantine 2020. I know it is Monday but only because I cheated and looked at my calendar. And my coffee? Well, it was delicious even if it took several attempts for me to realize that water might be a part of the solution. Easy does it, friends. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Thank God I am not operating heavy machinery.