Square Peg ● Round Hole







People, it felt amazing for me to vent yesterday. (For those of you who haven’t read it yet, please feel free to peruse my blog entry, It’s You.) It was such a release. So freeing. And the response was unbelievable. We are all in this together, well, except for the hoarding assholes.

For the last two nights, we have enjoyed carryout from local establishments via a delivery service. I implemented family dinner time where we shared what exciting things happened during the day. It was riveting. For example, Bailey changed out of his pajamas. I moved outside to read. It was a little out of my comfort zone to change locations. Bryce transitioned between his desk and bed. And my spouse, golfed using proper social distancing, of course. The only recreational thing to not be shut down.

Beyond the conversation was Bryce criticizing Bailey as he didn’t say “excuse me” when he burped. Bailey mouthed some inappropriate language back while Brian and I enjoyed the banter. Family dinner time at its best.

This situation isn’t ideal, folks. What I have said all along, you can either flow with faith or fight it with fear. Trusting the process is hard with all the unknowns. What I have found is that if I implement a routine, then I feel a little more human. Like 2020 isn’t giving us the finger.

For example, today I got up, made coffee and am currently writing this entry. Then I will workout, work a little on my manuscript, and then I have a date with two of my best friends on Zoom. I even put on deodorant for the occasion along with combing my hair.

I might not know what day it is, but I have adopted a way to make it not so monotonous. One day at a time, friends.