Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I settle into my new norm, I am experiencing some exciting opportunities. I am learning to socialize and still connect with other people. For example, are you all familiar with Zoom? Up until two days ago, I had never heard of it. Yesterday, I not only attended a meeting for my spiritual recovery, but I hung out with one of my best friends while eating pudding. It is simply video conferencing, so it isn’t anything new, but the fact that I can operate it, is a miracle, friends.

Today, I have to go out in public. (Cue my shiver.) The fact that people are still grocery shopping in bulk disturbs me. I mean, did you eat all of the food that you bought last week? Did the food, that you are shoving in your mouth because you are stress eating, cause you to have chronic diarrhea, which is now resulting in the lack of toilet paper? What the hell are you people doing? This is a marathon not a sprint. You all might want to slow your roll because it is getting beyond ridiculous.

Anyway, I am going out because my 88-year-old mother wants some vodka. I don’t blame her a bit, but we did have the conversation that her little friends that she sees and now chats with, are more common after she has a cocktail. She says she is lonely so maybe they can keep her company. Christ. On. A. Cracker.

Today, Brian and Bryce are travelling to WKU in an effort to retrieve all of his crap from his dorm. There is a little sadness that comes with this, as next year he is moving into an apartment. He is unwilling to pose in front of the dorm for me. Selfish child. Anyway, my goal today is to make room for all of his stuff.

And while we are on the selfish aspect of my offspring, Bryce will not participate in making a Tik Tok video. Some of my friends have fun kids that have been doing that with their parents. Not me. I guess I will implore my other family members along with bringing Fathead Bryce back to life. That kid shouldn’t challenge me .

So far I am faring well in this new reality. I am looking forward to a virtual cocktail party with my tribe soon and this morning, I am hosting a meeting for my spiritual recovery in my pajamas. Life is moving forward and I am adjusting. Remember, we are all in this together. This is simply a temporary situation. Use your time wisely.