Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I am sequestered in what I will refer to as “Retreat 2020”, I am inundated with the realization that there are some rather stupid people wandering around the planet. Well, no one is really wandering unless they are running to the grocery store everyday because they are ridiculous humans living in fear. But, you get my drift. Side note: To the people going to the store everyday…..The shelves won’t be bare if you simply go back to shopping as you would normally. Stop being hoarding assholes.

Aside from the fact that some people needed to be reeducated or perhaps introduced to the concept of washing their hands, we have others who are literally flushing more than their hoarded toilet paper. Are these people teachable? I mean, I didn’t have much confidence before all of this. People were eating Tide Pods. So, maybe you understand my dilemma of having little or no faith in the human race.

Can we talk about living in reality? My adorable spouse has a screen saver on our television, counting down the days until our Disney cruise. It’s cute because we are not going on that cruise. It is going to be cancelled. Sure, it isn’t until May, but I am pretty sure that life will still be in a holding pattern. I hope I am wrong. At this point, I am simply being realistic.

I think we are going to learn a lot about ourselves during this process. For me, I am using my frustration as a catalyst to fully develop one of my characters that is in my book. She wasn’t really pivotal, but I am switching that up and making her extremely annoying sprinkled with a touch of evil. It is delightful!! Yesterday, I was productive and it felt good.

Friends, during our time of retreat, use it to your advantage. Yes, there is a lot going on in the world that is out of our control. This is a mandatory timeout. Acceptance doesn’t mean we love it. It simply means that we embrace it and move forward. Remember, it is temporary. Use this time wisely. Learn to meditate. Take the time to learn a new skill. Indulge in self-care. But, don’t allow fear to creep in and take you hostage. One day at a time. No projecting into the future. Just simply be in the moment. You might learn something new about yourself. We are all teachable and this is the moment that we can shine.