Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have decided I am going to live out loud while I am sequestered with my family. This means, I am going to try new things that I normally wouldn’t do because I might have to see other people. The individuals that happen to occupy this domain, aren’t going to care how bold I get. So, game on.

First, I did a chemical peel this morning. I have done them in the past and they are fantastic, however, when the skin exfoliates, it really interferes with how my makeup looks. No one wants to look at someone who is literally shedding their skin but is trying to cover it up with makeup. My skin is going to look fantastic by the time I get out of here. People will be envious and wonder if I went to an underground spa. Okay, that isn’t going to happen, but I am using this time to my advantage.

I have also decided to do some temporary hair color. (Michelle, don’t freak out. I just want to see how I look as a blond or perhaps a bit of auburn. It is temporary and it will wash out.) See, I can be bold as long as I am not in public. It is the ideal time to experiment. Oh, and I am totally rocking some hair product. My short hair is versatile, but I haven’t been brave enough to fool with it. Now, I am using hair paste and mousse to reveal my hair possibilities. Yesterday, it was fun and spikey.

Since we have no end date in sight for our universal pause, look at this as an opportunity to do something adventuresome. Even if it turns out hideous, the camera to Zoom can be turned off. It’s like dancing as if no one is watching. Because, really, no one is watching.