Square Peg ● Round Hole







Many blogs ago, I shared that math isn’t my friend. Apparently counting isn’t either. I guess that goes with math, right? Do you see my issue? So, I ordered some more of my favorite Perrier. I might be a tad obsessed. It is flavored with orange and lemon. So delicious. It is great as a mixer but also refreshing on its own. I sound like a commercial. Maybe a rep from the company will see this and I can get it for free. Probably don’t need any now. Let me tell you why.

I ordered, what I thought would be four packages of 10. What I forgot is that they are shipped in a pack of 30. Imagine my surprise when the Amazon truck delivered two heavy boxes. I was a tad confused as I carried them into my home. Opening them, I shook my head and thought, “Now I look like those hoarders I have been bitching about. Well, played universe, well played”. I now have 120 cans. Yep. Super proud of my counting abilities. Actually, if I am going to be truthful, Bryce was the one that shared that tidbit of math with me.

When my youngest walked into the kitchen, he laughed so hard. I explained what happened, and he just shook his head. I now have officially become my husband. I sent him a picture of my counting error, and I think he might be a little proud. You see, he hoards Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale. Although, my issue was not on purpose. Numbers aren’t my friend. I tried to be nice to them, but they are just a bunch of judgy bitches.

I won’t need any Perrier for a while and I am sure that the Amazon driver was like “WTF”. Look, I would love to blame Quarantine 2020 for my inability to count, but I know the truth. Thank God, I am good with words.