Square Peg ● Round Hole







Do you all remember back in January when I was wearing the appendage AKA the walking boot due to a tendon issue in my ankle? You know, the one that went on a cruise with me right before I got the flu, and we entered the Twilight Zone. Gosh, that seems like eons ago, but actually it was just a mere two months. Well, I was suppose to go to the doctor for my MRI results when the flu bitch-slapped me, so I had to cancel. The nurse called to tell me that the MRI revealed tremendous inflammation and a small tear. She suggested that I call to reschedule once I was over the flu.

Since I was laid up for over a week, the swelling and pain subsided, so I assumed I was healed. You know, because I am delusional. In my head, I heard the crazy voice of an over-the-top evangelist screaming, “You’re healed”, but sadly that was incorrect. I have recently put myself back in the boot due to excessive swelling and a good amount of pain. Apparently, the boot missed me. Just to be clear, it is a one-sided relationship.

Last week, my spouse lovingly said, “You should get that checked out”. Thanks, Captain Obvious. We are kind of in a pandemic which means my little ankle situation is pretty inferior. So, I will continue to take my anti-inflammatory, wear my delightful boot, and hope that it will magically heal on its own. Just for your information, if I were giving a Yelp review on my current stay in the Twilight Zone, I would give it a negative 10. My boot and I are not impressed. However, I did relocated to a corner chair yesterday, and did enjoy the change of scenery.