Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are at the four week mark for our time in captivity. Clearly, people are getting a little squirrely with being confined. This is a perfectly natural response to an unfamiliar situation. We all thought we might be back to our regular lives by now. The delusion that this would not be long term event. But how many of you have figured out that the live you had before, may not be the one you want to return to? Going back to the basics might be the spiritual awakening that has been waiting for you.

Part of the twitching to get back to some sort of regular programming might have something to do with the lack of routine. For me, I am up early to start my day. You too, should have a Basset who routinely believes that the world revolves around her. It does, but she doesn’t need to know that. Anyway, after I take the queen out to potty, I brush my teeth, put on deodorant, and get dressed. Perhaps comb my hair in an effort to shake it up a bit. Staying in my pajamas all day, makes me think of all of those people who believe it is socially acceptable to shop in them. My goal during this quarantine period is to evolve, not dissolve. I write my blog and work on my manuscript as I drink my cup of liquid gold. Then I go exercise. These are simple enough tasks but they contribute to my overall well-being.

Last week, I shared that there are individuals who are promoting non-essential shopping to assist in boosting a healthy mental outlook. You know, going out in public, and basically doing the exact opposite of what our leaders are instructing. I kind of threw a large grenade at it and blew that shit up. There were people who were not too happy with my observations, but what they don’t understand is that I am empathetic to those who are struggling, whether it is depression or some other mental health issue. However, I was simply pointing out that you don’t need to endanger yourself or others with shopping for items that aren’t necessary for survival. Instead, you can shop for non-essential items online. For example, I received a new shirt and comfy lounge pants yesterday. The shirt says, “Perfectly Imperfect” on it which is exactly how I am navigating this current situation. Sometimes floundering. Other times thriving. That delivery was something to look forward to. It gave me a little happy nudge.

We aren’t doing this alone. Everyone is affected. But, what I do know is that there will be two kinds of people after we arrive at the finish line. There will be the person who hasn’t changed at all. That the experience only warranted a more close-minded attitude. They will busy themselves as they are uncomfortable without a flood of activities to fill the void. Then there will be the individuals who are transformed. Their new existence will be blanketed in intense gratitude. They will be more mindful of relationships. They will covet their free time instead of filling it up with mindless activities. These are the humans that will change the landscape and maybe make our world a little kinder and less angry. So, I guess my question to you is, which person do you want to be after all of this is said and done? Everyone is going to change. It is just a matter of which direction is chosen.