Square Peg ● Round Hole







I had plans last night, friends. And, it involved leaving my house and doing something that didn’t include shopping for food. Yesterday, was one of my tribe member’s birthdays. In this midst of this quarantine, birthdays need to be amped-up. They need to be bolder. More cowbell, if you will. Our typical birthday celebrations have been stunted. It is important to step outside of the box.

My other tribe members and myself opted for a birthday caravan. We made posters, I had a birthday playlist, and we obnoxiously honked our horns as we stopped in front of her house. What was difficult was not giving her a hug and really, not being able to hug my other friends, too. But, we were still able to show her our love and appreciation.

Because we are a festive bunch, one of my other tribe members, asked if we could also drive by one of her colleague’s homes for their little girl’s fifth birthday. The more celebrations the better. And so we did. We made posters, beeped our horns, and screamed, “Happy Birthday” to this sweet child. Her smiled said it all. And honestly, both were the emotional boost that I needed.

Everything is different and what we knew before will never be again. I have hope that it will be better. In the meantime, I will look forward to the day when I can hug my friends. Celebrate them in a restaurant where we don’t need to be six feet apart. And, go back to a time when I can choose to be socially introverted instead of it now being trendy. Someday, friends, someday.