Square Peg ● Round Hole







Change is hard. I get it. The adjustment to this new reality is proving to be like a psychological experiment. Some of us are going to come out of this better people and others, well, they will probably be the same or worse. It is all about your attitude along with your willingness to follow the rules even if you hate them. Prepare yourself for my late week rant.

Let me start by saying that I have never been more proud of being a native Kentuckian than right at this very moment. We are ranked number one in the country for how our state responded to the pandemic. Why is that? We have the best Governor on the planet. Andy Beshear has been a bright light in a very dark and difficult time. His messages, delivered at 5 P.M. everyday, are comforting. He has been clear from the start, that if are you gathering with people you don’t live with, then that is part of the problem. The goal is to flatten the curve, but there are always going to be those people who think they are above the rules. They rationalize and justify their choices. They think they are invincible. As if this virus won’t touch them. Newflash….this virus doesn’t give a shit if you are young or old. That has been apparent. No one is safe, friends.

There are these people who continually post the importance of staying at home. They put article after article on their page, yet, I see the photos. Yes, I see the photos of you and your kids at the park with people that don’t reside in your home. Do you see my confusion? They talk a big game, but they don’t walk the walk.

Oh, are you inconvenienced by this situation? That’s too bad. We are all in the same boat. Nobody is thrilled about being quarantined, but if you are in the mindset that the rules don’t apply to you, then you are part of the problem. Just like the hoarders I wrote about in an earlier blog. It is selfish to believe that you don’t have to abide by the mandates that have been put in place.

If you truly believe those things you post on your page, then practice what you are preaching. In the words of the best Governor ever, “We will get through this together”. At some point, I think he needs to add, “We will get through this together, if you stay the fuck at home and stop socializing with people who don’t live with you.” He is probably too nice for that, so I am offering my services because that is what I am willing to do for the state that I love and to make sure that we come out of this alive. Life or death are the choices on the table. I just don’t think some people have tapped into that reality.