Square Peg ● Round Hole







I took a day off from writing this blog because I really didn’t have anything new to share. I mean, I am literally living the same day over and over, so I didn’t want to bore you all. But, yesterday, felt like a Monday because, well it was. I didn’t need a calendar to identify it at all.

The one big item that I can celebrate, is that I sent my manuscript with 70,154 words, to my editor for what I hope is the final polish before I send it to some interested literary agents. My characters were ready for six feet of social distancing from me, so the timing was ideal. For those of you who have been on this journey from day one, thank you. I know that the process is long and people often wonder if this book will ever come to fruition. Well, it will, but all good things take time. More will be revealed.

But,that really isn’t the point for this blog. While I am silently celebrating in my head, Monday came in and bitch-slapped me. It wasn’t anything horrible. I really can’t complain, as most of it was really menial once I have slept on it and my perspective shifted. First, I learned a valuable lesson when ordering from Schwan’s delivery service. If you ordered something previously, and it was backordered, and it happens to be in stock on your next delivery, then you will receive it. I had ordered three bags previously but didn’t receive them due to them not being in stock. While preparing this week’s order, I added three bags along with other items. Guess what? They are back on the shelves and I am now the proud owner of six large bags of chicken strips. My freezer in the garage looks like the frozen food section at Kroger. Valuable lesson there, friends. So, I have chicken strips and toilet paper to share with those in need. I’m generous that way.

Then I had the delight of dealing with my mother who called me FIVE times while I was on another phone call. I had just chatted with her caregiver, so I knew it wasn’t an emergency, however, it was disrupting my conversation with the incessant beeping from the call waiting. Sigh. When I called her back, her dire need was for me to order more underwear for her because, her words, “I’m getting fat and my underwear is getting tight”. Remember when I said I wouldn’t be ordering items from Amazon for her? The universe basically just said, “Hold my beer” and now I have clicked on a pack of underwear that will arrive on Thursday.

The final straw was my oven. I am preparing a delightful dinner for my offsprings. Let me just point out, that the oven has been temperamental. It is basically like, “Lady, why are you cooking so much?” and sometimes won’t heat. Other times, it is generous and cooperates. Last night, it decided to give me the finger. And like a crazy person, I kept turning it off and on, thinking that maybe, it would miraculously work. It didn’t. Plan B was chicken nuggets and fries in our air fryer for the boys. At 1:15 A.M., I ordered a countertop convection oven to help with my appliance issue. Apparently, I do my best shopping in the middle of the night. Anyway, it can be a solution until I feel comfortable having a repairman come into our home to fix it. Fun fact, I turned on the oven this morning, and it heated fine. So, I am currently cooking the dinner from last night and the one planned for tonight. It’s my way of flipping off the oven for its inconsistency.

Honestly, these are first world problems. I have nothing to complain about at all. But, a little rant helps this middle-age woman get some perspective. Relief, if you will. And, the bonus is, I already have my dinner ready for tonight, and by the way, it is not going to be chicken strips. Pacing myself on that one.