Square Peg ● Round Hole







You all were probably anxious to hear about my small outing on Monday, but I was exhausted yesterday from it, and opted to take the day off from writing. The whole getting dressed, finding my purse, and driving to Bailey’s orthodontist appointment was taxing. Grateful I didn’t put makeup on or I would have been down for the count the rest of the week.

This practice gave specific instructions on how this visit would be going. Masks needed to be worn. We check in from the parking lot and he would be going in alone. Can you guess how many people followed those simple directives? Just us. Even with the door locked and instructions in big print taped in full view, people were banging on the door, jiggling the handle, and looking confused. I wish I had a bull horn to announce their dismal ability to follow directions.

I will give kudos to those who were unable to read the sign on the door as they were at least all wearing masks. Color me excited. Instead of reading the book I brought, I enjoyed observing. Giggling to myself and actually sounding like an ESPN commentator as I announced the approach to the door, and the result of their attempt. God, I am so bored that I am talking to myself more than usual.

When Bailey came out, he was all smiles. Well, he was once he got into the car and took off his mask. He said, “Mom, this was a great outing. It was fun to see other people”. In a two month span, my oldest and I are excited about doctor’s appointments and seeing other humans. What a twisted world we live in now. In two weeks, we get to return for his new retainer. I better rest up.