Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last night was the third night with protests in our city. Our Mayor implemented a curfew along with bringing in the National Guard. If that wasn’t enough, we had a large police presence around several shopping centers across the street from our neighborhood. There were reports that the situation may elevate near us. Shit was getting real and I am going to be honest, I was terrified.

Honestly, I can’t relate to the plight that black people have endured. It would be insensitive to say that I do. I grew up – I hate the term – with white privilege. But, I can be empathetic. I can be outraged at the treatment of other human beings. We belong to each other. Something I think we easily dismiss as we get caught up in our own agendas.

I had to step away from the live videos of what was transpiring downtown. I had to pause and pray for those whose job was to cover the situation. I had to pray for our law enforcement officers that are putting their lives on the line to protect us. I prayed for the protesters who simply want to be heard. We are so lost as a human race.

This situation reminds me of the lyrics from Rob Thomas’s song, Tomorrow..

We are so fucked up. We just don’t know how. We just keep on fighting ’til the bell rings and we’re out. Listen to that sound Turn it up right now. ‘Cause we all know tomorrow will only break your heart.

I don’t want to silence the voices whose agenda are to be heard and to facilitate change. Maybe I am a little hopeful that this energy will be carried to November. Maybe this is what needed to happen for us to shift into a more loving and tolerant country. At least, that is the prayer I keep saying. I just want us to remember that we are all in this together. I might not relate to your plight, but I can stand with you. Let’s not forget that we belong to each other.