Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, was my scheduled shopping day for my mother and my first opportunity to wear my fancy mask in public. As I put it on, I realized that there are many positive reasons for this delightful fashion accessory aside from the obvious germ blocker.

First, I am unable to take a bad selfie while wearing it. I kid you not, even if Kim Kardashian were my instructor, I would still take a horrible selfie. I usually look constipated as I am concentrating so hard on actually taking the picture. Yesterday, I took one with my mask on and, viola, it was amazing. I even made it my profile photo on Facebook.

The other advantage is that while shopping, no one can tell that I am talking to myself. I tend to ramble on especially if my mother has requested something that I can’t find or if someone is lingering where I want to be. While I normally look around to make sure no one is watching me, yesterday I didn’t have to. I mumbled freely and no one looked at me weird.

I rarely wear makeup anymore. And while I might appear as if I am ill because of my palish hue, wearing a mask alleviates that issues. I looked amazing donning my hound print germ blocker. My eyes are now the focus and they pop with excitement.

My observations led me to see that most people out yesterday had on a mask. While that would have been an odd sight months ago, those without were the ones who appeared out of place. Some chose to wear a bandanna that made them appear like they were Jesse James. I was waiting for the appearance of a horse and a gun fight. Then there were others who wore festive patterns that made you smile. I mean, if anyone could actually see you smile, that is.

I know there are those who are mask resistant. But, honestly, this is our new normal for a while. Might as well have fun with it, or not. Your choice, I suppose. I kind of enjoyed no one being able to read my facial expressions yesterday, so I may be adopting this as my constant companion.