Square Peg ● Round Hole







The best part of this universal pause is the ease of impromptu birthday caravans. One of my best friends celebrated her birthday yesterday, so our tribe of merry woman along with the people we have been isolated with, ventured to her house. We donned our masks and practiced our social distancing with ease. When this shit is over, we are having a big, ass party where we ban people from saying things like, “quarantine”, “Covid-19”, “healthy at home” and other verbiage that we are sick to death of hearing.

But my day wasn’t all about celebrating my amazing friend. No, I got to observe a neighbor working out in their front yard. I am going to confess that I only know the neighbors on either side of us. I haven’t made an effort to introduce myself to those across the street and, honestly, it is super awkward after a couple of years to say, “welcome to the neighborhood”. Call me the lazy neighbor, because I am. I digress as usual. So, this guy is working out and I am thinking, “good for him”. Then I am wondering why he was doing this in the front yard as he started doing pelvic thrust and some inner thigh exercises. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I must be really bored if this is my source of entertainment. I even made my spouse watch and then called my next door neighbor, so I am not the only one who needed to bleach their eyes. I am generous that way.

This week has been a little more active and it gives me hope. I am planning to accessorize with a variety of masks that will match my outfits. If I have to protect myself from other people, I might as well be fashionable.