Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have been doing okay in my corner of the world. Aiming to focus on my many gratitudes along with trying to take one day at a time, but then I started getting a little antsy. Our state is in a slow process of emerging. While that seems hopeful, I am not leaping out into the public realm yet. It is kind of like a horror film where the really dumb girl walks alone into the desolate forest only to be axed to death. Yeah, I am not the dumb girl.

With that being said, I am finding Zoom with my friends isn’t enough to fill my void of hanging out with them in person. I miss the hugs. I miss impromptu gatherings on warm evenings. This feeling of “when the fuck is this going to end” bled into yesterday where I felt grumpy. The weather with its rain and overall gloominess matched my mood. Then Jack Frost was scheduled for a visit on top of the murder hornet taking up residence in the United States. It. Is. Too. Much.

But just like anything else, hope blossomed like a beautiful flower. It took the form of the Praying Mantis. This holy looking insect is a badass. This is the one that mates, eats the head off of her partner, and then decimates its body for nourishment. Nice. What gave me hope is that this deceptively peaceful creature can kill a murder hornet. There is a video of it circulating and while I am sure it is enlightening, I haven’t watched it because I abhor violence. That being said, I am currently trying to figure out how I can cultivate a small army of Praying Mantis for the onset of the hornets. I just have to make sure they are all female or things could get ugly. By switching my thoughts to building my force of praying bugs, my mood shifted a bit. There is a tug on my lips that might resemble a smile but it is really smirk.

So, while all the little eager beavers are running out of their homes giddy to experience our new world, I am planning world domination with my Praying Mantis friends.