Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s an interesting world we are living in these days. Each moment are pockets full of unexpected and most of the time, unwelcome surprises. By now, we should be in a state of acceptance about how twisted things are, but if you are like me, you are currently trying to impersonate Rip Van Winkle, and hope things will be better upon awakening. There apparently isn’t enough Melatonin to accomplish that.

Yesterday, I was enjoying the peace of the morning. When the testosterone in my home is sleeping and the appliances are exhaling due to heavy use. Bless their hearts. Anyway, my thoughts traveled to the dark, abyss of my mind, and I suddenly was accosted by how the dating world will be changed. Stay with me. I know that as a married woman of twenty-eight years, you are curious as to why I am thinking of dating. It sounds odd, but it isn’t for me. God no! I’m good with my adorable spouse who makes inedible guacamole. As usual, I digress. Let me explain my thought process.

Two people meet for the first time. You select an outdoor venue due to the COVID-19 issue. You wear your mask like a good soldier. Your date shows up with no mask. Strike one. Since you have your mask on, you are able to make facial expressions without your acquaintance knowing. Upon sitting, this person tries to move their chair closer. Strike two. No mask and not observing social distancing. I mean, at this point, you can already gauge their character and end the date, but you decide to stick it out along with moving your chair away from the person. Conversation flows nicely and as dinner ends, your companion walks you to your car. Before you can react, this individual moves in for a hug. Strike 3. You don’t know where he has been. You have no idea the interactions with others that occurred before you. I mean, at this point, you probably know that this person wouldn’t be mindful of protection, if you know what I mean. For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, I will spell it out for you S-E-X. This virus issue actually might really be a game changer in the dating world. Unprotected dating could possibly overtake the concept of unprotected sex. And if you go that route with said date, make sure you bring protection of both variety…contraception and a face mask. Super sexy for sure.