Square Peg ● Round Hole







I can’t even muster up the strength to deal with the horror of social media. One word…..gullible. There I said it. Here is the deal……precious people that live in rainbow bubbles, are sharing posts that are scams. Here is the lowdown from RVBusiness.com. Those posts that encourage you to share the chance to win a free RV are not associated with the RV industry. Gasp. What? They aren’t? By participating, you are actually allowing those scammers to collect personal information. This goes for vacations, cars, brains, just to name a few. Kidding about the brains, but I do wonder about those who constantly fall into this particular black hole.

I have unfollowed more people this week regarding these scam posts than anything political. True story. I, literally, have no patience. I get it. You have been quarantined so long that your mouth is watering over the potential of getting the hell out of dodge. But, be vigilant. Research shit before you post. This is really common sense, friends.

I understand that this whole year rivals any episode of The Twilight Zone. I get that we are tired of wondering what else 2020 has in store for us. But, sharing posts about RVs, that don’t even exist, is only pissing off your friends. I am not mincing words here. If you have that much time to share crap like that, maybe utilize that space by educating yourself on the candidates that are running for office. Maybe invest in reading some amazing books that will enlighten you on the plight of our black brothers and sisters. Use the time wisely.