Square Peg ● Round Hole







I haven’t laughed in a while as we are currently starring in a drama that doesn’t even wait until next week to unfold another episode. It is literally on 24/7. But, my youngest, did something that caused me to almost wet myself.

Yesterday, he says to me, “I did something and you are going to think I am stupid”. As a good mother does, I informed him I could never think that, but apparently, I was wrong. He informed me that the night before, he decided to drink some jalapeno juice. I know you have questions. Trust me, I had so many, but as he described his experience, tears rolled down my face. I could barely speak.

“I poured some in a glass. At first, it wasn’t so bad, but then it punched me in the back of the throat.”

“So you dumped the rest?”

“Nope. I finished it.”

Props for not being a quitter.

Between laughing, I asked. “What made you do this? Was it a challenge you saw?”

“Nope. Just me wondering what it would taste like. After I finished the glass, I drank a lot of milk. Then I Googled some more ways to get rid of the acid and found that gum is helpful. I had to sleep sitting up because the acid reflux was so bad. I kept burping and put a garbage can next to my bed just in case I puked.”

Woah! That was a lot of information. Perhaps,my son has lost his mind. Perhaps, the duration of quarantine has infected his brain. I could not stop laughing. And, friends, I needed that so much. But, still I am questioning his sanity.

And while I would never call him stupid, I will continue to remind him over and over with “Remember, the time you drank jalapeno juice?” That ‘s the kind of mom I am.