Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have written about changing the narrative. I have written about being part of the solution. And while, we are striding toward a better future, there are always assholes that take away from the progress.

Last night, some of our local media were attacked by disgruntled individuals. Fun fact, the media is trying to tell your story. They are providing a platform. Now, were the individuals angry over the issues at hand or were they simply acting out with criminal intent? I don’t have that information, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior.

For over ten years, I worked in the media. Sure, most of my pieces were considered “fluff”, but you would be surprised at the angry letters, emails, and actual hate mail I received from readers. Seriously. Threatening even. It took me a while to separate those correspondence and not take them personally. So, imagine covering peaceful protests, trying to provide a platform, and being attacked. I saw the video. It was frightening. A young man threw a brick at their windshield as they were preparing to leave. Fortunately, it didn’t shatter, and they were not injured. But, that act took away from the issue at hand.

I have media friends who are in the thick of covering these protests. They are putting their lives on the line. They are the storytellers with their powerful words and images. They are not the enemy. Use them to push your agenda.

Take a breath, people. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change needs a formidable foundation which to take root. We are on the cusp of a metamorphosis. We don’t need some assholes to take away from the momentum. To my friends who are in the media community, stay safe. While your job has always been important, this is your moment in history.