Square Peg ● Round Hole







While many refer to this epic time as Pandemic 2020, I like to label it the universal pause. During this pause, I have been reflective of my relationships and honestly, everything seems to be more transparent. People are showing their true character traits in an alarming fashion. This allows me to either step forward or step away from that particular relationship.

I can’t help but be super judgmental right now. And you know what, I own it. You are against wearing masks, then I know you are basically saying, “I don’t care about other people” which results in a hard pass for continuing any future interactions.

My favorite are those who say “I totally agree with you” and do the exact opposite by not wearing a mask and socializing as if we were partying like it’s 1999. By the way, it’s not. It is 2020…..home of the shit show.

I realize that what other people do is none of my business. I am simply exhausted from the lack of common sense. I am confused at the lack of empathy for other people. I am caring for an elderly individual while trying so hard to be vigilant in my interactions.

My lessons through this epic time have resulted in some relationships growing stronger while others are fizzling. I see you and your truth by your actions not your words. I have grown more comfortable setting boundaries with others and not caring what they think of me.

While 2020 has been ranked “0” on Yelp, it has given me an opportunity to grow, to be able to listen to someone else’s point of view with respect instead of contempt, and to spring clean some of my relationships. There is value in that, so maybe I need to give 2020 a little credit. Although, I could have done without COVID-19 and all the other fun surprises this year has presented.