Square Peg ● Round Hole







Friends, I am confident in the realization that 2020, not only has changed the course of our society, but it has robbed me of my brain. Maybe I am a bit consumed over the surgery that is upcoming next Friday or maybe I am just brain dead from this overstimulating year. Whatever the case, I am doing things that I normally would not.

On Tuesday, I was preparing Bailey’s lunch and put it in the microwave…..with foil. Yep. Let that sink in for a moment. Fun fact, it didn’t register until I saw a spark and then I thought, “oh, shit”. It was promptly removed. Of course, Bryce was there to observe my little “oopsie” and said, “You know, you can’t put foil in the microwave, right?”. Yes, Bryce, I know. But, apparently my brain has decided a vacation would be ideal at this time.

Yesterday, we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. When the skies unload an abundance of moisture, flooding does become a bit of a concern. But, I was prepared for it. I have a pump in the window well that is troublesome and set it up in case of a water crisis. Last night, another round of rain lingered and our street began to flood. Wanting to be preventive if the well was starting to fill up, I went to check it. Not outside like a normal person, but downstairs where it was hard to see since it was dark. So, I opened the window and well, you can guess what happened. Water came in. I screamed and then proceeded to fall on the now, wet floor. My ankle screamed, “Bitch, what is your problem?” Bailey stared at me and Bryce was like “you didn’t really just open the window, did you?”. Why yes, Bryce, I did. His response was you could have just turned on the pump to see if any water came out. Thanks Captain Obvious, but I have pandemic brain and apparently should banned from functioning. Sigh.

All is well. Basement is dry again. The foil has been marked safe from the microwave and in a week, I will be incapacitated, so everyone will be safe from me.