Square Peg ● Round Hole







Like a good wife, I like to keep things interesting. Most of the time, I don’t do it on purpose. I simply forget to tell him things. Case in point, the two metal pieces sitting on our bathroom vanity.

It must have been a month or so ago, I found a loose piece of metal that may have come from the cabinet. I put it on the vanity in an effort to remember to tell Brian about it. Sure, I get reminders every time I looked at it, but like anything else, the moment I left the room, it was forgotten. So it sat there. And sat there. Now, Brian surely noticed it, but didn’t say a word. Maybe, he too, forgot as he left the room.

We have a basket that holds the toilet paper and while I was refilling it the other day, I found another piece of metal. Being the good soldier, I placed it next to the piece that has been acting as bathroom decor. That simple action, was enough for Brian to question their existence and ask why I hadn’t said anything to him. Does he not enjoy a woman full of mystery? I shrugged my shoulders and commented that I thought they might be from the cabinet doors. That was two day ago and they are still holding court on the vanity.